Category: Books

Dune, or the Order of Time

Convergences of messianism, religion, and politics in Frank Herbert’s Dune and Dune Messiah resonate with his time and our own. By Charles M. Stang

Calvin, Capitalism, and Predestination

Benjamin Friedman’s Religion and the Rise of Capitalism prompts us to consider the conditions under which the idea of divine chosenness might appear in our social landscapes. By Michelle Sanchez

Religion, Economics, and the Stories We Tell

Benjamin Friedman’s Religion and the Rise of Capitalism challenges scholarly truisms by showing how a set of Protestant theological claims influenced economic thought and practice. By Devin Singh

Encounters with the Possible

A Q&A with Charles Hallisey on his new book, Poems of the First Buddhist Women: A Translation of the Therigatha. By Sarah Fleming

The Deliciousness of Truth

Black and Buddhist: In the face of white supremacy, Buddhism reteaches us how to relate to truth and to one another. By Pamela Ayo Yetunde

A Full-Bodied Dharma

Black and Buddhist: Contributors to this volume take refuge in embodied practice and in vibrant community. By Judith Simmer-Brown

Freedom Doesn’t Happen in a Day

Four voices celebrate the publication of Black and Buddhist: What Buddhism Can Teach Us about Race, Resilience, Transformation, and Freedom. Buddhism offers practical tools to work through intergenerational trauma. By Cheryl A. Giles

Waiting for Queer Theology

Queer Theology: Beyond Apologetics, by Linn Marie Tonstad, awaits a theology that moves beyond the narrow genres allotted to it. By Mark D. Jordan

The Rise of ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’ Is a Story of Hope

Since the 2016 election, teaching Andrew Delbanco’s The Real American Dream and Catherine L. Albanese’s A Republic of Mind and Spirit has become more relevant and constructive, as this religious studies professor has come to view the rise of the spiritual but not religious as a story of hope. By Darryl Caterine