Category: Spirituality

Citizens of Two Realms

During her year as a monk, a millennial discovers reverential awe in the midst of chaos. By Eloise Skinner

On Chanting and Consciousness

Memories of her Jain grandmother’s chanting lead the author to reflect on “how deliriously inside out moments can be.” By Diane Mehta

‘Every Little Pine Needle’

Thoreau had a deeply religious cast of mind, but he experienced revelation in nature, and trees were his guides. By Richard Higgins

On Habit

The habit of playing music for church turns out to be the most important healing practice during a difficult year. By Michelle C. Sanchez

Visiting the Void

Many recovery workers periodically return to Ground Zero as a way of reconnecting with the values they experienced there. By Kate Yanina DeConinck

Exotic Ordinary

Action and passion coexist in this portrait of one spirit medium in Madagascar, evoking complex philosophical questions. By Michael Lambek

The Meaning of a Saint

Vrajaprana’s Interpreting Ramakrishna: Kali’s Child Revisited. By Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

By Love We Are Led to God

We must embrace the most important engagements God offers us, even though they will happen in unlikely places and with unlikely people. By Christian Wiman

The Rationalization of Suffering

Christianity and psychiatry advance opposite models of suffering, leading to complex negotiations in the lives of patients and in the wider culture. By James Davies

The Dialogue of Socialism

Nineteenth-century Protestant utopian communities and radical political organizations provided a venue for early interfaith dialogue. By Dan McKanan

Spiritual but Not Religious

Many moderns tend to presume practicing religion risks making one less spiritual, but sophisticated writings by medieval monastics suggest that traditions, texts, and rituals provide the very means for engendering a spiritual like. By Amy Hollywood

The Resurgence of Imagination

The traditional Freudian suspicion of the spiritual should not stop psychoanalysts from borrowing from Eastern meditative disciplines. By Sudhir Kakar