Category: Nature

The Climate of Grief

How might grieving, as a form of love and remembering, shape our responses to a changing planet? Terry Tempest Williams with Victoria Chang

The Liturgy of Home

What are the essential gestures that lead us to the sacred actions that can make a change of consciousness and consequence? By Terry Tempest Williams

‘Every Little Pine Needle’

Thoreau had a deeply religious cast of mind, but he experienced revelation in nature, and trees were his guides. By Richard Higgins

Where Silence Lives

The documentary In Pursuit of Silence creates a space for a long overdue conversation about the nuanced subject of silence. By Timothy L. Gallati

Can We Talk (about Animal Rights)?

We tend to hold strong, opposing moral intuitions on animal rights issues, but perhaps we can agree on areas to make partial improvements. By Roger S. Gottlieb

Beyond the End of the World

After a monastery stay, the author takes a job on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico where he discovers some uncanny similarities between the two communities. By Zachary Ugolnik

Cities, Climate Change, and Christianity

The Christian practice of “kenosis” (self-emptying) suggests a way of understanding and living that is urgently needed in our time of environmental and financial chaos. By Sallie McFague

The Greening of Jesus

Increasingly, the fundamentalist view of climate change is losing force as it is challenged by scientists who are equally devout. By Mark I. Pinsky