Category: Chinese Religions and Traditions

The Advice of Mencius

The central focus of Mencius’s thinking was how to let our goodness blossom and how to prevent ourselves from falling prey to immorality. By Jin Li

Zhu Xi’s Breakthrough

Zhu Xi proposed that each of us must cultivate “reverential attention” so that together we might create more harmonious communities. By Stephen C. Angle

The Thorny Paths of Su Xuelin

This Chinese writer’s artistic and scholarly activities, and her ties to other women, were closely related to her practice and study of religion. By Zhange Ni

Rooted in Humanity, Extended to Heaven

Many of the best new ideas emerge from consideration of the questions others have posed long ago, living in diverse landscapes fraught with tension, disagreement, and uncertainty. By Tu Weiming

A Mission to China Debriefed

Eric Reinders’s Borrowed Gods and Foreign Bodies: Christian Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religion. By Patrick Provost-Smith