Category: From the Archive

Why Study Religion?

An excerpt from “Why Study Religion in the Twenty-first Century?” (2012). By William A. Graham

Democracy Challenged

An excerpt from “Toward an American Public Theology” (1987). By Ronald F. Thiemann

The Fall of the Family

An excerpt from “American Families and ‘The American Family’: Myths and Realities” (1981). By Clarissa W. Atkinson

Dreams, Kindness, and Determination

Excerpts from a 2004 Q&A with François Bovon, in which he discusses his research interests and his books Studies in Early Christianity and Les Derniers Jours de Jesus.

Listen First

An excerpt from Jane I. Smith’s 1977 Q&A with the Bulletin.

Ultimate Unknowing

An excerpt from “Mystery, Theology, and Conversation.” By Gordon Kaufman

Life Is Short

Excerpts from “The Backward Glance and the Forward Look” and “The Hard Stuff Is the Good News” by Peter J. Gomes.

To Speak About God

Biblical language is often a quick, light, and delicate language, which cannot bear the superstructures that have been built upon it. By Krister Stendahl

On the Question of Relevance

Many of the best new ideas emerge from consideration of the questions others have posed long ago, living in diverse landscapes fraught with tension, disagreement, and uncertainty. By Anne Monius

The Matrix of Faith

An excerpt from “Religion Within Limits,” the Fall 1967 Harvard Divinity School Convocation Address by Richard R. Niebuhr.