Mural painting showing Mexican mythology and ancient architecture intertwined

The Obsidian Mirror: Mexican Archaeology and Literature in Dialogue

Narratives by Mexican authors focus on combining and confronting the different eras of our history, while poetry captures singular moments that are both archaic and recent. By Juan Villoro

Autumn/Winter 2021


Portrait drawing of middle aged Neris Gonzalez holding a photo of herself as a young woman

‘My Dreams Will Never be the Same’

Neris Gonzalez’s love of her community and faith in a just God enable her to keep pushing for the Salvadoran generals responsible for her imprisonment and torture to be held accountable. By Julia Lieblich

Historic photo of Hannah Arendt posing with a group of friends

Oases of Friendship

Hannah Arendt conceived of thinking as an expression of “the visiting imagination,” in which one puts oneself in the place of another and sees the world from a displaced standpoint. By Michael D. Jackson

The courtyard inside the Umayyad Mosque, with walls filled with arches, lit up at night

God and Caesar: A Never-ending Competition

The preconceived idea that modernity is based on the separation of religion and politics prevents us from observing their inherent mutual influence. By Jocelyne Cesari


The Dharma of Racial Justice

Mindfulness can help us lean into our subjective, embodied experiences of race, racism, and white supremacy so we might begin to disrupt these harmful legacies. By Rhonda V. Magee

Illustration of a woman meditating surrounded by glowing light and trees
Flowers laying next to the entrance steps to Shaloh House

Carrying Guns to Synagogue?

Increasing anti-Semitic attacks against synagogues and Jewish centers have led some rabbis to advocate for stronger security measures. By Robert Israel

Abstract illustration of hands washing, dripping with water

Paying Homage to the Wounds

After serving in Afghanistan, a veteran struggles with trauma and wrestles with his faith, but volunteering at the Kalighat Home for the Dying connects him to a deeper truth. By Marcus Seymour

Photo of two men testing speakers inside a room covered with soundproof panels

Listening to Silence

Reflecting on John Cage’s famous composition and how silence can be a form of care. By Jacqueline Houton

In Review

Illustration of 19th century factories and churches intertwined


Religion, Economics, and the Stories We Tell

Benjamin Friedman’s Religion and the Rise of Capitalism challenges scholarly truisms by showing how a set of Protestant theological claims influenced economic thought and practice. By Devin Singh

Illustration of factory workers carrying tools, with a church building in the background


Calvin, Capitalism, and Predestination

Benjamin Friedman’s Religion and the Rise of Capitalism prompts us to consider the conditions under which the idea of divine chosenness might appear in our social landscapes. By Michelle Sanchez

collage of book covers


Selected Works of Twentieth-Century Jewish Theology

A reading list from Jon D. Levenson’s course.

Film still from Soul, chowing characters in the Great Beyond


Without Why: Religion without Purpose in Soul

Pixar’s Soul asks fundamental questions about existence and challenges the idea that life is reducible to purpose, religious or otherwise. By Matthew C. Kruger

Loine drawing of lotus blossom from cover of Poems if the First Buddhist Women


Encounters with the Possible

A Q&A with Charles Hallisey on his new book, Poems of the First Buddhist Women: A Translation of the Therigatha. By Sarah Fleming


Two Poems

Sharing Heat


By Jonathan Rowe

Two Poems


Sonnet for Andrea

By Daisy Bassen


Autumn Winter 2021 issue cover

Trauma, Friendship, and Awakened Possibilities

This issue is not for the faint of heart, and yet I find the pieces here to be uplifting because they provide us with models and methods for endurance, reparation, and the awakening of new possibilities. By Wendy McDowell


Gallery of portrait paintings

‘It Felt Like a Community Was On My Wall’

A Q&A with Artist Ellen Elmes, about painting portraits of the 23 victims of the 2019 El Paso shooting. By Wendy McDowell


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