Painting of colorfully robes figures gathered in a circle

Rethinking the Study of African Indigenous Traditions

To avoid the continuous misassessment of their resilience, African indigenous religions should be studied on their own terms. By Jacob K. Olupona

Spring/Summer 2021


Painting of three figures in African robes and hats

The Decapitated Priest and the Cook Turned Peacebuilder

In an excerpt from “Gods, Guns, and Girls: Gender, Agency and Spirituality in a Congolese Rebel Movement,” the author questions assumptions about Mai-Mai indigenous practices. By Georgette Mulunda Ledgister

Drawing of Krishna standing with a kneeling Arjuna

When Brokenness Opens the Door to Healing

As a college chaplain adapts Yoga and Vedanta teachings to the everyday circumstances his students face, he discovers his own theology of grace. By Vineet Chander

Photo of luminary lights on a campus green with students

Campus Chaplains Hold the Center When Things Fall Apart

In ordinary and extraordinary moments, college chaplains serve as ethical guides and exegetes of lived experience. By Celene Ibrahim, Elizabeth H. Aeschlimann, and Nancy Fuchs Kreimer

Students gathered arounda table in a campus building's basement

Sacred Stories Inspire Public Responsibility

An initiative exploring the role religion plays in the lives of resettled refugees deepens the author’s understanding of engaged chaplaincy. By Matthew Weiner


On Chanting and Consciousness

Memories of her Jain grandmother’s chanting lead the author to reflect on “how deliriously inside out moments can be.” By Diane Mehta

Illustration of a seated woman touching palms with the ghostly figure surrounded by soundwaves
Young adults in white robes standing in worship inside a church sanctuary

Citizens of Two Realms

During her year as a monk, a millennial discovers reverential awe in the midst of chaos. By Eloise Skinner

Illustration of standing figures linked by a grid of their shadows

Creating a World Beyond Lethal Force

Reducing our reliance on the military and police to keep us safe starts with having revolutionary conversations. By Sarah Nahar

Policing: War Institution or Public Service?

Police Brutality and the #EndSARS Movement in Nigeria

Investing in a World That Is Not Yet

Group photo at a gathering of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis

After the Death of Chabad’s Messiah

Why do Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson’s followers in Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidism continue to believe in his messianic identity more than 26 years after his demise? By Joseph Newfield

In Review

Illustration of a Black woman meditating circled by lotus blossoms


Freedom Doesn’t Happen in a Day

Four voices celebrate the publication of Black and Buddhist: What Buddhism Can Teach Us about Race, Resilience, Transformation, and Freedom. Buddhism offers practical tools to work through intergenerational trauma. By Cheryl A. Giles

Illustration of a Black male looking up


Sacred, Ancestral Cries for Freedom

Black and Buddhist: The Eightfold Path finds resonance in the Black church. By Melissa Wood Bartholomew

Illustration of a meditating figure behind an abstract lotus blossom


A Full-Bodied Dharma

Black and Buddhist: Contributors to this volume take refuge in embodied practice and in vibrant community. By Judith Simmer-Brown

Illustration of two lotus flowers


The Deliciousness of Truth

Black and Buddhist: In the face of white supremacy, Buddhism reteaches us how to relate to truth and to one another. By Pamela Ayo Yetunde

Photo of Virginia Woolf reading a book


‘Literature is Common Ground’: On Reading Virginia Woolf

A Q&A with Stephanie Paulsell on her latest book, Religion Around Virginia Woolf. By Sarah Fleming

Collage of book covers


Black Women, Black Church, and Self-Narratives

A selected reading list of classic and contemporary memoir and autobiography from Nyasha Junior’s course.

Housekeeping book cover

Shelf Life

Housekeeping’s Contemplative Approach to Longing

Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping explores the human response to the transient. By C. E. Morgan


The Child’s Other

By Tolu Oloruntoba

Two Poems


Lazarus, In Icons

By Jane Zwart


Spring Summer 2021 issue cover

Slow Transformations, Small Windows of Light

The authors here challenge us to think more carefully about what responsible and responsive care looks like, and one clear through line in this issue is that “right mind” and “right relationship” go hand in hand; you cannot have one without
the other. By Wendy McDowell


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