Category: Art

The Conscious Heart

By making us present to ourselves, the practices of art and of prayer can cultivate awareness of our inmost being, waking us to love and compassion. By Mary Anderson

Religious Law and the Visual Secular

What do we mean when we say a work of Western art, especially a representation of religious law, has both “secular” and “religious” significance? By Suzanne Smith

The Work of Art and the Art of Life

Art, religion, ritual, dance, and song are not different phenomena, but moments in an existential struggle to act vicariously upon the world—bringing it into being. By Michael Jackson

Two-Part Invention

Our vocational lives tend to be complex, unpredictable searches for meaning on many levels, from the quotidian to the transcendent. By Nancy J. Nordenson

Exposing the Fine Lines

A review of Susie Linfield’s The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence. By Chris Herlinger

Immaterial Witness

A painter discovers that spirituality can be found in what is sensed rather than in what is seen. By Madeleine Avirov

Leaning toward Enlightenment

Shinjo Ito’s artworks are both beautiful and powerful works of art and profoundly religious images. By Margaret R. Miles

Generating the Transcendent

Thereligiousbelieverandthe formalistconnoisseurlookatart inverydifferentways.Athird waymightbeimaginativeempathy. By Ken Johnson