Category: History

The Karma of a Nation

An eastward journey of Japanese American Buddhism helps us to reimagine the story of American identity and confront legacies of anti-Asian violence. By Duncan Ryūken Williams

With Her Head Held High

Even after her imprisonment and torture, a Sikh woman relentlessly pursues justice for her father’s murder during the state-sanctioned 1984 violence. By Kalpana Jain

Her Sister’s Blouse

Jewish and Holocaust museums play a role in preserving and creating Jewish memory and in contributing to the development of communal identity. By Avril Alba

A Mission to China Debriefed

Eric Reinders’s Borrowed Gods and Foreign Bodies: Christian Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religion. By Patrick Provost-Smith

The Politics of Memory

Archaeologies of the Greek Past by Susan Alcock and Martyrdom and Memory by Elizabeth Castelli. By Laura Nasrallah