Category: LGBTQI Issues

Theater as Chaplaincy for the LGBTQ+ Community

Theater has been a spiritual home for many LGBTQ+ folks, providing shared rituals and stories, a sense of being part of something greater than oneself, and mutual care and support. By J. Sylvan

Waiting for Queer Theology

Queer Theology: Beyond Apologetics, by Linn Marie Tonstad, awaits a theology that moves beyond the narrow genres allotted to it. By Mark D. Jordan

Plague Wisdom

Learning from queer elders who cared for the dying through the horrors of the AIDS crisis. By Cody Hooks

Spiritual, Sexual—and Religious?

Queer spiritual traditions reverse dominant assumptions about sex, understanding it as both an ethical challenge and a site of revelation. By Mark D. Jordan

Sci-fi as a Queer Genre

By revealing alternate worlds, science fiction can unsettle what we know to make room for what’s possible. By Taj M. Smith

‘Woman Hold My Hand’

Tara (the female Buddha), Sweet Honey and the Rock, and womanist theologians offer fiercely loving examples of what it means to be free and to free others. By Rod Owens

In Queer the New Black?

“Quareing” Afro-Diasporic religion allows for the possibility of celebrating nonnormative sexual identities in Black religious spaces. By Jennifer S. Leath

The Soul Has No Gender

Too many LGBT youth find themselves without the support of their friends, families, schools, and faith communities, which leads to an increased risk of mental and physical health problems. By Cheryl A. Giles

Missing Scenes

Representations of instruction are absent from the work of contemporary Christian ethicists, leading to destructive consequences for Christian communities. By Mark D. Jordan