Category: Race/Racial Issues

Let My People Go

Mass incarceration is Jim Crow’s most obvious descendent. Faith communities must focus on the collective work of dismantling this catastrophic system. By Raphael G. Warnock

Guadalupe Love

The Virgin of Guadalupe spreads her garment of compassion for all people in travail. By Davíd Carrasco.

‘Whiteness’ in the Mormon Archive

Race and the Making of the Mormon People, by Max Perry Mueller, examines the ideology of “white universalism” in the formation of Mormonism. By Seth Perry

The Death of The Buddha’s Mother

The lore around Maya, who died soon after giving birth to the Buddha, illuminates the untold, uncounted stories of women who die in childbirth today. By Kim Gutschow

Giving the Ghost a Voice

Buddhist practice has enabled this Filipino/Asian American to grapple with painful experiences around race that include feeling unseen and silenced. By Bryan Mendiola

Mistaking a Stick for a Snake

The Buddha’s teachings about distortions of perception anticipated current research on “inherent bias.” By Bonnie Duran

‘Woman Hold My Hand’

Tara (the female Buddha), Sweet Honey and the Rock, and womanist theologians offer fiercely loving examples of what it means to be free and to free others. By Rod Owens

The Underside of Globalization

Growing up a “street kid” in Juarez, Mexico, was like being a lab rat in a socioeconomic experiment with terrible consequences, especially for vulnerable children. By Pedro Morales

Recovering the Black Social Gospel

Given the legacy of the black social gospel tradition, retrieving the leading figures and ideas of this important movement is long overdue. By Gary Dorrien

La Cara Lóbrega de la Globalización

Crecer como un “niño de la calle” en Juárez, México, fue como ser una rata de laboratorio en un experimento socioeconómico con terribles consecuencias, especialmente para los niños vulnerables. Por Pedro Morales


A pesar de que las fronteras de todo el mundo se militarizan más, los activistas, los residentes de larga data y los migrantes en las tierras fronterizas de los Estados Unidos y México participan en actos de resistencia. By Maura Fitzgerald


Even as borders around the world become more militarized, activists, long-time residents, and migrants in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands engage in acts of resistance. By Maura Fitzgerald

A Muslim’s Search for Meaning

The author starts from his own narrative to explore what it means to be part of a community (ummah) that engages the Qur’an as a living text. By Zain Abdullah

Waking from a Dream

We honor Martin Luther King Jr. by applying his moral vision in the contemporary moment. By Jonathan L. Walton


Dark-skinned migrants and asylum seekers in an economically precarious Greece are subject to violent attacks and inhumane treatment. By Hans Lucht

What Ghana Taught King

Attending Ghana’s 1957 independence ceremony inspired and influenced Martin Luther King Jr. By Josslyn Jeanine Luckett