Category: Winter 2009

Ways of ‘Knowing’ Cancer

For an academic who has been living with cancer since 1996, reflecting on the ways we think and make value judgments about serious illness cannot help but be an existential endeavor. By Mark U. Edwards, Jr.

Unfinished Business

Well before this historic election season, religion and race have been factors in presidential elections. By Peter J. Paris

Glimpsing a Land beyond Limits

Why do a Catholic laywomen decide to study theology when there are so many roadblocks and so little institutional support? By Barbara R. Bodengraven

The Resurgence of Imagination

The traditional Freudian suspicion of the spiritual should not stop psychoanalysts from borrowing from Eastern meditative disciplines. By Sudhir Kakar

The Greening of Jesus

Increasingly, the fundamentalist view of climate change is losing force as it is challenged by scientists who are equally devout. By Mark I. Pinsky

New Paternalisms

Elements of the new Russia seem to be modeled on the old, imperials state. By Stanisław Obirek

Resolution 2009: Get New Eyes

The pain and uncertainty that come along with a serious illness can thrust us back into the same world, but with new eyes. By Brin Stevens