Category: Autumn/Winter 2018

Three Poems by Abraham Chalfi

“Prayers of a Heretic,” “By the Way,” and “I’ll Dress You in Silken Wings” by Abraham Chalfi, translated from the Hebrew by Atar Hadari

Truth For Children

In the wake of World War II, French Jewish thinkers turned to the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic canons to narrate a Jewish past and future. By Sarah Hammerschlag

A ‘View Of Judaism in its Own Terms

Harvard’s trajectory from Christian Hebraism to modern Jewish Studies and one larger-than-life professor critical to the transition. By Jon D. Levenson

Her Sister’s Blouse

Jewish and Holocaust museums play a role in preserving and creating Jewish memory and in contributing to the development of communal identity. By Avril Alba

Writing from a Paradoxical Place

A writer considers her tradition’s inheritance of childless women and finds strength in her heroines of Jewish literature. By Courtney Sender

On Exile and Elsewhere

A lively conversation with author André Aciman on the self-help book he never wrote and why a sense of irony is a Jewish trait. Benjamin Balint and André Aciman

Embodied Practices, (Re)lived History

Yom Kippur is one example among many in Judaism, demonstrating the way in which the past becomes an ever-present history–a history that is relived, reenacted, every day, through every prayer, in every holiday. By Rachel Slutsky