Category: Winter 2008

Mystical Rebellion in Mexico

Women’s questioning of internalized norms on sexuality and their assertion of sexual rights is grounded in a new experience, and new definitions, of God. By Mónica A. Maher

The Imagination Resists

One of the main hooks for me in reading and writing about ‘religion’ is the delicious discovery that religious beliefs and believers do not always cut the way you might think. By Wendy McDowell

Another Eros

One woman’s revealing year away from the erotic. By Amelia Perkins

‘He looked like Jesus Christ’

What exactly is it mean to compare the photographs from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to images of the Crucifixion? By Sarah Sentilles

Teflon Televangelists

For true believers, televangelists’ misdeeds just don’t matter. By Mark I. Pinsky

Crossing Rivers

As his understanding of religion changes, a writer finds a way to continue a lifelong spiritual journey with his grandfather. By Eric Gutierrez

On the Question of Relevance

Many of the best new ideas emerge from consideration of the questions others have posed long ago, living in diverse landscapes fraught with tension, disagreement, and uncertainty. By Anne Monius