Category: Spring/Summer 2018

Eliminate the Muslim

The forces of paranoia, progress, and productivity drive the construction and surveillance of Muslim identity in narratives of postcolonial future-making. By Ahmed Ragab

The Liturgy of Home

What are the essential gestures that lead us to the sacred actions that can make a change of consciousness and consequence? By Terry Tempest Williams

Let Us Create

Let’s expand what counts as creativity, so we can be creative in accessible, meaningful, powerful ways. By Natalie Cherie Campbell

Listen First

We as a society have failed to count the price paid by victims of sexual harassment and assault. By Emily Click

Religion and the BRCA Mutation

Women diagnosed with the “breast cancer genes” share complex stories about the impact of this health crisis on their religious beliefs and practices. By Alexandra Nichipor

‘Whiteness’ in the Mormon Archive

Race and the Making of the Mormon People, by Max Perry Mueller, examines the ideology of “white universalism” in the formation of Mormonism. By Seth Perry