Category: Spring/Summer 2009

When Child Soldiers Become Filmmakers

The frontlines of the Colombian civil war may seem an unlikely place for children to reflect on ethics, but with cameras in hand, they reveal a world where evil has become normal. By Kurt Shaw

The Stories within Our Stories

Narratives, and certain narrative styles, can be used as weapons as much as they are tools of revelation. By Wendy McDowell

O Thou Mastering Light

For the believer, spiritual innocence remains the only condition in which intellectual truth can occur, and wonder is the precondition for all wisdom. By Christian Wiman

An Uncomfortable Mormon

Recent events have countered the hope that anti-Mormonism in American culture was thawing. By Taylor Petrey

Listening to the Small Voice

With rising numbers of orphans worldwide, it is time to develop a theology that places their concerns at the center. By Elizabeth J. A. Siwo-Okundi

Life in a Godless Place

New religious immigrants are challenging the resolute secularism of Québec. By Nicolas Langelier

Obama’s High Wire

Barack Obama’s interfaith approach to public religion holds risk and opportunity. By Matthew Weiner and Varun Soni

Disobedient Ancestors

Québec’s priests, tricksters, and ‘runners-of-the-woods’ as seen through one family’s history. By D. Y. Béchard