Category: Winter/Spring 2012

Making Peace with Imperfection

A translator of the Psalms shares her struggle to respect the original text, while rendering a version that is relevant to contemporary spiritual seekers. By Pamela Greenberg

Three Poems by Elizabeth Robinson

“Mary Butts whispering into John Muir’s ear from a long way away,” “Dorothy Day muses over dinner with Anna May Wong,” and “Anna May Wong tells Dorothy Day what she has been longing to hear” by Elizabeth Robinson

Marigolds in My Mouth

Perhaps we need to be “unhomed” from our own bodies, understandings, or languages. By Kazim Ali


Poetry by Jennifer Barber

Listen Children

Lucille Clifton believed in writing as a spiritual act to hone the self. By Major Jackson

Ultimate Unknowing

An excerpt from “Mystery, Theology, and Conversation.” By Gordon Kaufman

Cries of the World

The feminine principle is needed now more than ever. By Marilyn Sewell

Thin Wings

Susan Howe’s That This. By Amy Hollywood