Category: Winter/Spring 2010

Lonesomeness Explored

Lonesomeness, if cultivated, can provide for the healing of our loneliness. By Kevin Lewis

Searching for Balance

A way of life that embraces harmony requires resolve, reassessment, and an imaginative way of seeing. By Kathryn Dodgson

Young, Hip, and Muslim

Muslim youth are taking the lead in articulating a distinctively American Islam. By Jane I. Smith

Spiritual but Not Religious

Many moderns tend to presume practicing religion risks making one less spiritual, but sophisticated writings by medieval monastics suggest that traditions, texts, and rituals provide the very means for engendering a spiritual like. By Amy Hollywood

Leaning toward Enlightenment

Shinjo Ito’s artworks are both beautiful and powerful works of art and profoundly religious images. By Margaret R. Miles

The House off Straight Street

[Not available online] Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, is teeming with microsocieties and with religious diversity. By Stephanie Saldaña

Inside Outside

A New Yorker from India who “hunts down” prayer rooms in airports reflects on the existential situation of travelers. By Shahnaz Habib

Cities, Climate Change, and Christianity

The Christian practice of “kenosis” (self-emptying) suggests a way of understanding and living that is urgently needed in our time of environmental and financial chaos. By Sallie McFague

Theorizing Closer to Home

The primal fault in social and religious theory can be overcome if scholars restore the people of their inquiries to their real lives and environments. By Robert A. Orsi

Balqis’s Sorrows

Poetry by Bushra Al-Bustani, translated from the Arabic by Wafaa Abdulaali