Category: Spring/Summer 2007

Family’s Changing Terrain

Three recent books each suggest something of the significance of the family for religion, politics, and society as a whole. By M. Christian Green


Poetry by David Yezzi.


Poetry by Eliza Griswold.

Knowing and Unknowing, Concluded

Showcasing science against religion has become a kind of cultural sport—contrived on the one hand, but often impassioned, fascinating, and imperative, too. By Will Joyner

Stem Cell Dissent

You can’t call for the fruits of science without confronting the facts of science. By Eric Cohen

Real Presences

The life of theological concepts. By Christine Helmer

Thinking Like a Feminist

The revolution in gender ideology has changed expectations about male and female behavior. By Evelyn Fox Keller

Darwin Was Wrong

Rethinking the evolutionary biology of sex, gender, and sexuality. By Joan Roughgarden