Category: Autumn 2006

Theology of Fields

In memory, the landscapes we explored as children are the holiest places we knew. By Reginald Gibbons

Us vs. Them vs. Us

Ann Coulter’s Godless and Madeleine Albright’s The Mighty and the Almighty. By Ann D. Braude

Knowing and Unknowing

We should all regularly ponder what we don’t know, and not turn away from it. By Will Joyner

Cross Purposes

When it comes to salvation, there is an open, ongoing Christian discussion, full of passionate claims, intellectual experiments, and pointed debate. By Matthew M. Boulton

God Needs No Passport

Do immigrants feel they belong to a new country, to a religious community that ties them to their homeland, to both? The boundaries are more difficult to define. By Peggy Levitt

Behind the Intellectual Lines

The political atmosphere in Iran is making it increasingly difficult for the country’s scholars to balance their piety and their academic work. An American visitors reports. By Ronald F. Thiemann

Darwin and God: Then and Now

For the naturalist himself, there were no simple answers, and he never pretended that there were. By John Hedley Brooke