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Secular Death

Can difficult writing help us grapple with difficult loss? By Amy Hollywood

Summer/Autumn 2016


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Mourning the Unknowable

A daughter comes to hold her vanishing, remote mother as myth. By Meghan Guidry

The Grace of the Lord Jesus be With All

A minister’s conversion to religious pluralism. By Brad R. Braxton

Sci-fi as a Queer Genre

Imagining new worlds opens up creative, “what if” possibilities. By Taj M. Smith

Bertha Mason is Sacred

Betrayal can teach us what is worth our trust and love. By Vanessa Zoltan


Growing into Faith

How the organic, homespun nurturance of the author’s Jewish faith imbued in him a sense of awe. By Robert Israel

On Habit

The habit of playing music for church turns out to be the most important healing practice during a difficult year. By Michelle C. Sanchez

From Silence to Light

A daughter’s spiritual awakening enables her to give words to the silent sufferings of her family. By Lina Feuerstein

Trump and the Pope: ‘I’ vs. ‘We’ Visions

The 2016 presidential race highlights a deep split in the American psyche between communitarian and individualistic impulses. By E. J. Dionne and Catherine Brekus

In Review

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Religious Rewriting, Sacred Storytelling

Mary Rakow’s This Is Why I Came is both satisfying and troubling to this Jewish reader. By Courtney Sender


Nostalgia Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens anticipates and addresses the concerns of a nostalgic audience. By Robert Hensley-King


Church-State Confusion Persists

The Myth of American Religious Freedom, by David Sehat, reveals the long struggle in U.S. history over how to preserve or disentangle the religious and the secular. By David D. Hall


Connecting Word and Flesh

An interview with with Mayra Rivera on her book Poetics of the Flesh. By Eloise Blondiau


Two Poems

Los Muertos Vuelven


By León Felipe, translated from the Spanish by Walter Smelt

Two Poems



By Saar Yachin, translated from the Hebrew by Alexandra Zelman-Doring


Summer Autumn 2016 issue cover

Rethinking the Sacred

For the authors in this issue, experiences of film, literature, and sound are often inseparable from religious experience. By Ingrid Norton


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