With Her Head Held High

Even after her imprisonment and torture, a Sikh woman relentlessly pursues justice for the murder of her father in the state-sanctioned 1984 violence. By Kalpana Jain

Spring/Summer 2020


Ministers surrounding Trump with their hands placed on each others shoulders and heads bowed in prayer

At Trump’s Right Hand

With Paula White’s elevation to a position of power in the White House, the prosperity gospel has achieved its highest level of national exposure. By Mark I. Pinsky

Buddhist Nun Leads Asia’s Fight for Gay Marriage

The Venerable Chao-hwei Shih uses the insights gained from meditation and Buddhist teaching to lessen the suffering of others. By Julia Lieblich

What Truth Do Martyrs Tell?

Christians sought to rewrite the system of ancient social relations through their own narratives of ritualized embodiment in torture and execution. By Karen L. King


On Centering Prayer and Shikantaza

Perhaps Centering Prayer exists on a fuzzy syncretic edge where Catholicism meets Buddhism. By Jill R. Gaulding

Controversy at the Vatican

The ongoing dispute between two wings of the Vatican hierarchy is getting ever nastier. By Kevin Madigan

Rural America Faces the Abyss

School consolidation and closures are emblematic of the larger difficulties facing rural communities. By Brad Roth

Guadalupe Love

The Virgin of Guadalupe spreads her garment of compassion for all people in travail. By Davíd Carrasco

In Review


Giorgio Agamben, the Church, and Me

Works by Italian philosopher and political theorist Giorgio Agamben offer resources for exploring the connections between temporality, political community, and ordained ministry. By Charles M. Stang


Rehabilitating Spirituality for Evangelical Audiences

D. Bruce Hindmarsh’s The Spirit of Early Evangelicalism: True Religion in a Modern World. By Brett Grainger


Paula Vogel Brings Her Love of Yiddish Center Stage

In her play Indecent, award-winning playwright Paula Vogel shares a “true story of a little Jewish play.” By Robert Israel


Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

A selected reading list from Amy Hollywood’s course.


A Long Day at the Torah

By Lauren Camp

Three Poems

Hag Stone, Hex Stone, Holy Stone

Mount Athos

Letter to J.

By Denton Loving


Spring Summer 2020 issue cover

Paradise Waiting: The Power to Comfort

All kinds of power are explored here—personal, spiritual, political, and institutional power—and though they address disparate contexts, the pieces speak to one another in poignant ways. By Wendy McDowell

From the web

Bouquets of yellow flowers decorating a statue and left in front of it for people to take away

Plague Memory

From Quarantine Journal No. 2, The Point, March 22, 2020, thepointmag.com. By Ingrid Norton





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