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Spring 2005


Cosmic Birth

Creation myths are the most sacred of all myths. Must modern-day cosmologists be mythmakers to explain creation? By Marcelo Gleiser

Are You There, God?

What does it mean both to a writer of children’s books, and to her readers, that she has consciously, deliberately chosen to live out her life as a person of faith? By Katherine Paterson

A Trip Worth Taking

Teaching a course called “Faith, Politics, and Society” at Harvard is like asking for lightning to strike. But there are clear rewards. By Jim Wallis

Reclaiming The Rainbow

Daria Donnelly took children’s literature very seriously, in her book reviews and in her passionate conversations with adults and young people alike. By Wendy McDowell

Theology’s Difficult Position

To survive in today’s academy, theologians need to make some new distinctions about their intellectual pursuits, especially to colleagues in other fields of religious studies. By Bryan L. Wagoner


Much Hope, Many Doubts

Watching Iraq’s ethno-religious factions with hope, and skepticism. By David Little

When Treatment is in Question

Principles to remember after Terri Schiavo. By Robert P. George

American Islam Could Be a Model

Why Islam fares so differently in Europe and in the United States. By Eboo Patel

Ordinary Within the Extraordinary

A paradox of prayer. By Sarah Coakley

From Thai Monks, a Rapid Response

Buddhist monks and the tsunami. By Blaine Johnson

A Call for Quiet

In the public square, in holy silence. By Charles Marsh

In Review


Beyond the Sound Bite

Joseph Leo Koerner’s The Reformation of the Image. By Lee Palmer Wandel


Regaining Sight of Islam

An Interview with Jocelyne Cesari. By Wendy McDowell


Shylock Re-Shot

Michael Radford’s The Merchant of Venice. By Kevin Madigan


From Trauma to Trust?

Irving Greenberg’s For the Sake of Heaven and Earth. By Ernest Rubenstein


Truth(s) in Fiction

Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. By Will Joyner


South Africa as a Work-in-Progress

American Repertory Theatre’s South Africa Festival. By Amy Nora Long

Required Reading

Origins of the Moral ‘Ought’

By Arthur Dyck

Shelf Life

What the Mad Knight Was Seeking

Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quixote. By Harvey Cox


A Speckle of Fig and Jasmine

By Michal Govrin

Creation Myth

By Regie O’Hare Gibson

Two Poems

My Grandfather

Ravensbrück Apple-Eater

By Judith Sherman

Tempus Fugit

By Rosanna Warren


The Risk of Beginning Again

A fresh start brings a new set of risks. By Will Joyner

A Look Back


The Dialogue with Islam as One Model

An excerpt from a 1985 article by the Catholic theologian Hans Küng.


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