Winter 2007 issue cover

Winter 2007


Why I Love the Bible

How a noted scholar read, studied, preached, and reconsidered the scriptures. By Krister Stendahl

Strange Fruit

A comparison of the cross and the lynching tree can break the silence on race and Christianity in American history. By James H. Cone

An Interview with Krister Stendahl

“Accountability” is a better leadership quality and value than “servanthood.” By Yehezkel Landau

Notes on Poetry and Religion

If we do not live out of time imaginatively, we cannot live in it actually. By Christian Wiman

Home from the Diaspora

An American in Israel finds that her hope survives but feels like a deepening wound. By Jordie Gerson


Anything but Simple

Misinterpreting the Amish tradition of forgiveness. By Wendy McDowell

Vox Populi, Vox Dei?

Evangelical voters take stock. By Mark I. Pinsky

Chilling ‘Change’

Do “gay-change” campaigns have an anti-Semitic echo? By Bonnie J. Morris

Atheism Redux

Unpacking the new atheism. By Bradley Shingleton

The Cuba Watch

American religious groups and Cuba. By Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis

In Review


Attending at the End

Chris Adrian’s Children’s Hospital. By Stephanie Paulsell


Absence as a Window

Franz Wright’s God’s Silence. By James K. A. Smith


Peeking Over to the Other Side

Children of Men and An Inconvenient Truth. By Brin Stevens


The Democratic Dilemma

Religion and politics, then and now. By Todd Shy

Shelf Life

He Who Laughs Last?

Leo Strauss’s Spinoza’s Critique of Religion. By Jon D. Levenson


The World Repaired, Remade

An interview with Jon D. Levenson. By Sharon Goldman

Required Reading

A Complex, Brighter Horizon

New horizons for science and religion. By Philip Clayton


Three Poems

Troisième Âge

Reading William James

Trying to Read Heidegger

By Michael D. Jackson

Three Poems

Homage to Bacovia

Für Elizabeth


By Franz Wright

Letter to Father

By Shahrouz Rashid


Knowing and Unknowing, Continued

In continuing to try to navigate the gulf of understanding between religious believers and agnostic or atheist believers, it’s important not to set up a kind of cosmic tote board. By Will Joyner

A Look Back

The Matrix of Faith

An excerpt from “Religion Within Limits,” the Fall 1967 Harvard Divinity School Convocation Address by Richard R. Niebuhr.


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