Winter 2006 issue cover

Winter 2006


Is Immortality Important?

Just as we can experience the divine in our selves, we can experience the peace and enhanced vision of eternity,freed from the constraints of space and time, in this troubled world. By Karen Armstrong

When the Wounded Emerge as Healers

The study of religion is like a labyrinth: a pursuit where control and complete comprehension aren’t necessarily possible or beneficial. By Kimberley C. Patton

the cultural production of evil

The image of Aunt Jemima has been destructive, but it lingers and should be contemplated and discussed and even used in the interests of spiritual recovery. By Emilie M. Townes

Memory, Salvation, and Perdition

Belief in the redemptive power of memory is widespread these days. But is memory an unambiguous good? And, if so, how does the rememberer take control? By Miroslav Volf

Reproductive Autonomy in Light of Responsible Parenthood

As the science on conceiving children and screening for genetic disorders becomes more sophisticated, the need grows for a more sophisticated discourse in bioethics. By Hille Haker


Happiness by Way of Wisdom

LookingtoAristotleforanswerson suffering.By Gabriel Richardson Lear

America’s New Moral Assignment

Second thoughts on religion in the political arena. By Wallace Best

Can Labor Be Saved?

Thelabormovementneedsa revival.By Jay Thomas Youngdahl.

Imagination for Transformation

Afeministjournal’sfar-reaching influence.By Mary Hunt

In Review


Generating the Transcendent

Thereligiousbelieverandthe formalistconnoisseurlookatart inverydifferentways.Athird waymightbeimaginativeempathy. By Ken Johnson

Required Reading

A Longing Toward Action

JorieGraham’sOverlord. By Jeffrey Johnson

Shelf Life

Out of the Norm

JudithButler’sGender Trouble. By Amy Hollywood


The Reader, the Evangelists, and the Wardrobe

Disney’sNarnia. By Mark I. Pinsky


Fighting Words on ‘World Religions’

TomokoMasuzawa’sThe Invention of World Religions. By Anne Monius


Iran’s Invisible Candidates

Mrs. President: Women and Political Leadership in Iran. By Shahla Haeri



By Sarah Arvio

Two Poems

The Story of Watching

Canticle with Migratory Birds

By Young Smith

Two Poems


Because I Asked

By Frannie Lindsay


By Gwyneth Lewis


Determined to Live Past the Worst

A common thread throughout this issue is the broad subject of recovery, of healing, of psychological, spiritual, and cultural re-integration.By Will Joyner

A Look Back


Women and Ministry?

First-year women MDiv students discuss vocational plans.


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