Two Poems

By Jory Mickelson

Judy Blume at Prayer

Hello God, it’s me
Margaret. Hello
Margaret, it’s me
Mick. Hello
says God, hello
Margaret and Mick.
Hello says God
and because I am
omniscient, hello
reader too. Let me
confess, Mick says,
I’ve lied, I am
not Margaret sorry.
It’s okay
says God, all is
forgiven if you
are sincere. Sorry
God too I am not
you, says Mick,
and you are
not, I’ve written
all your lines.
Reader, I repent
too because I am
not even a speaker
in this poem.


Nothing Winged

I am a little wound made
cunningly, a little break,
some small burn, an ache
that centers in the chest,
an unrest. O’ little game we play:
the dodge, the missing. Nothing
winged has ever saved, only arrow
or burning bolt, a hiss
unbottling what’s bound tight,
to keep the boom from view,
from you.

Jory Mickelson is the author of the book Wilderness//Kingdom (Floating Bridge Press, 2019). His work has appeared in Jubilat, diode, The Rumpus, Ninth Letter, and other journals. He is the recipient of an Academy of American Poet’s Prize and fellowships from Lambda Literary Foundation and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico.

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