Summer/Autumn 2011 issue cover

Summer/Autumn 2011


Beyond the End of the World

After a monastery stay, the author takes a job on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico where he discovers some uncanny similarities between the two communities. By Zachary Ugolnik

The Thorny Paths of Su Xuelin

This Chinese writer’s artistic and scholarly activities, and her ties to other women, were closely related to her practice and study of religion. By Zhange Ni

The How-To’s of Accessibility

Accepting people with physical and intellectual disabilities into religious congregations often has more to do with attitude and effort than with economics. By Mark I. Pinsky

A Jamesian Personscape

The philosophy of William James can be helpful to recovering alcoholics, especially his ideas about “the sick soul” and his affirmation of “the possibility of possibility.” By John J. McDermott


Staying Human in a Media Age

We need to be self-critical about why and how we use different media forms in ministry. By Jonathan L. Walton

Interfaith Moments

Transformative interfaith dialogue is more likely to occur when people of faith encounter one another as fellow travelers. By Jalees Rehman

Praying My Tweets

Twitter can connect us to the suffering world, if we follow the right sources. By Anne Robertson

The Spiritual Ground of History

Good historical research and writing needs to include a spiritual component. By Cameron McWhirter

In Review

Shelf Life

Imagining Greene in Islamabad

Graham Greene chronicled the thin line between virtue and vice. By Chris Herlinger


Deciding to Trust

Hans Küng’s What I Believe. By Bradley Shingleton


Determination vs. Determinism

Determination vs. Determinism in The Adjustment Bureau. By Kevin Madigan


Is Christianity Animal-Friendly?

Laura Hobgood-Oster’s The Friends We Keep: Unleashing Christianity’s Compassion for Animals. By Kimberley C. Patton


Reading the ‘Book of Nature’

“Natural Revelations,” and exhibit of paintings by Susan Swartz. By William A. Graham



By Amit Majmudar

Two Poems

An Evening Outside Cedar City

The Torch Singer

By W. S. Di Piero


Intentionally Unfinished

I wonder if it might be possible to make our unintentional communities more intentional by asking ourselves, “On whom are we focused?” By Wendy McDowell

A Look Back

Life Is Short

Excerpts from “The Backward Glance and the Forward Look” and “The Hard Stuff Is the Good News” by Peter J. Gomes.


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