The Study of Religion on the Other Side of Disgust

Modern Catholic sexuality is a dark and troubled landscape. By Robert A. Orsi


A View From the Minaret

A day trip to Caesarea spurs memories of a childhood visit and reflections on how a disastrous past can go unseen even when it is in full view. By Linda Dittmar

The Urgency of Now

Excerpts from the introduction and four essays in One Nation, Indivisible exemplify that “in order to build together, govern together, live together, we must make the effort to know one another.” By Celene Ibrahim, Taymullah Abdur-Rahman, Matthew Blair Holt, Lauren Seganos Cohen, and Nora Zaki

Turning Ancestors into Ghosts in Contemporary Urban China

Understanding contemporary religious life in China requires a religious imagination freed from the preconception of monotheism. By Anna Sun


The Interreligious Resilience of Varanasi

Telling and passing down narratives of interreligious amity in cities like Varanasi can demonstrate the countervailing power of peace. By Kalpana Jain

Wakanda and Black Queer Moral Imaginaries

Black Panther serves as a moral imaginary pointing to freedom, fugitivity, and black queer ethical action. By Thelathia Nikki Young

Reclaiming Egalitarian Jewish Wedding Customs

Reclaiming modern Jewish wedding processional customs to open up a liminal space for women to be seen in between. By Jessica Rosenberg

Answering the Humble Knock

A grandmother’s confident compassion for drifters models how to nourish others. By John Gifford

in review


C.E. Morgan Takes the Reins

The Sport of Kings, by C.E. Morgan, is an ambitious interracial saga obsessed with the power of stories. By Ingrid Norton

Film & Television

Fully Fleshed Out: Religion, Womanhood, and Blackness in Contemporary Media

Positive, complex representations of black women’s religious experience in Queen Sugar and Being Serena. By LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant


Faith in the Fire: Religious Public Intellectuals

A selected reading list from Cornel West and Jonathan L. Walton’s course


A Christian Pilgrim along the Buddhist Way

Francis X. Clooney, S.J. reviews S. Mark Heim’s Crusified Wisdom: Theological Reflection on Christ and the Bodhisattva


How Khmer Buddhists Reconstructed Identity and Community in the U.S.

Chipamong Chowdhury reviews Carol A. Mortlans’s Cambodian Buddhism in the United States


Tulip Fever

By Adrie Kusserow


Two Poems

Sacrum convivium

The Susquehanna by Moonlight

by Nathan Spoon



Spring/Summer 2019 issue cover

Flipping the Script

In this issue are models of courageous practices, scholarship, and creative work grounded in communities already practiced in the art of script-flipping. By Wendy McDowell


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