Winter 2017 - HDS Bicentennial Issue

Winter 2017

The View from Mass Hall

Thought, Feeling, and Purpose by Drew Faust

Look Back

Excerpts from Bulletin articles written by HDS deans and leaders past (1958–2012) address still relevant issues.

Church and University by Douglas Horton
Our Mysterious Calling by Samuel H. Miller
'Through Hindu Eyes': A New Religious Outlook by Wilfred Cantwell Smith
Redefining America's 'Race Problem' by Preston N. Williams
The Fall of the Family by Clarissa W. Atkinson
Studying Women in Religion Is Crucial by Constance H. Buchanan
Democracy Challenged by Ronald F. Thiemann
Two Weeks Post-9/11: Careful Policy, Not 'War' by J. Bryan Hehir
Why I Love the Bible by Krister Stendahl
Why Study Religion? by William A. Graham


Two hundred years of milestones.


Challenging HDS to think more deeply and creatively about its commitments to pluralism, inclusivity, and relevance.

Five Questions to Consider by David N. Hempton
A Theological Reckoning by Diana Eck
Do Not Stand in One Place by Jacob Olupona
Four Keys to Innovation by David C. Lamberth
The Spiritual Power of Study by Stephanie Paulsell
Embracing the Problem by Ahmed Ragab

Challenges for a Third Century by George Rupp. Harvard Divinity School should focus and build on its core strengths.

Essay Contest

"What will Harvard Divinity School, or the field of religious studies, look like in 2116?" This was the topic of the bicentennial essay contest the Bulletin sponsored for HDS students and recent graduates.

My Dear Emily: A Theological Love Letter from 2116 by Ryan Gregg [winner]
The Spirit in the Machine by Christopher D. Hampson [runner-up]
Sighted Souls by Jo Murphy [runner-up]
Transcendence circa 2116 by Matt Weinstein [runner-up]
Making Meaning in 2116 by Chris Lisee [finalist]
Moving Past Our Mistakes by Diana Ortiz [finalist]
Eyes That See, Bodies That Break Free by Sitraka St. Michael [finalist]

Faces of Divinity

Images and captions from the exhibit.

History of Ministry

Remaking a 'Learned Ministry' for Each New Era by Stephanie Paulsell and Dudley C. Rose. Influences from within and without have transformed ministry education at HDS.

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