Spring/Summer 2017 (Vol. 45, Nos. 1 & 2)

Harvard Divinity Bulletin Spring Summer 2017


Bearing Witness by Stephanie Paulsell

A Look Back

A 'Christo-morphic' View of Religion by Richard R. Niebuhr


'Sick, and You Visited Me' by Donald W. Shriver
Visiting the sick helps to combat the loss of identity they experience in the hospital.
Practicing Entanglement by Elizabeth Aeschlimann
The work of justice cannot succeed without deep, authentic relationships.
Changing Hearts Opening Minds by Haley Rodgers
A grassroots movement is needed to build bridges and strengthen ties between the Muslim community and the greater public.
Beyond Resistance and Complicity by Mariam Durrani
It is important to call out anti-Muslim racism while also seeking to normalize Muslim cultural life in the United States.
Taking Back the Narrative by Nadeem Mazen
Our priorities must shift radically in proportion to the stark social need around us.


Old Souls, New World by Marilynne Robinson
Given their influential emphases on self-scrutiny, civil order, literacy, and the exalted mind, we need to give the Puritans their due.
‘Peace, Peace to Him Who is Far Off, and to Him Who is Near’ by Sarah Sentilles
Conversations with a World War II conscientious objector and a soldier who served in Iraq deepen the author’s understanding of pacifism.
No Rescue by Shane Snowdon
A crash that causes the death of a bicyclist haunts the driver for years and leads her to study Buddhism.
A Dangerous Business by Debra L. Mason
The problem of religious literacy and journalism is urgent.
The 'Trump Effect' and Evangelicals by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
The 2016 election might be white Christian America’s last gasp.
A Movement with a Theology by Adelle M. Banks
How black churches relate to the Black Lives Matter movement is a complex and ever-evolving story.
Telling Uncovered Sides of the Story by Nathan Schneider
Black economic cooperation in the U.S. is the kind of narrative journalists need to cover more.

In Review

Righteousness as Commitment by Randy Rosenthal
In Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer takes a hard look at marriage and what it means to be religious.
Articulating a Different Future by Caroline Matas
A Q&A with Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza on her newest book, Congress of Wo/men: Religion, Gender, and Kyriarchal Power.
Fei Xiaotong’s Humanism Infuses From the Soil by Anna Sun
An appreciation of From the Soil: The Foundations of Chinese Society. A Translation of Fei Xiaotong’s Xiangtu Zhongguo
Lessons in Dignity and Divinity by Melissa Wood Bartholomew
We can glean much wisdom from The Life of Omar Ibn Said
A Heartwarming and Heartbreaking Exhibit by Robert Israel
"Syria: A Living History," a recent exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, focuses on the human context of art and artifacts.


People and Power detail of Ahmad Moualla's painting.


Division Of by Andrea Cohen
Puglia by Michael Coppola
Soot by Kaveh Akbar




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