Autumn/Winter 2017 (Vol. 45, Nos. 3 & 4)

Autumn Winter 2017


The Way of the Still, Small Voice by Wendy McDowell


All Flesh Must Once Again Become Fire: Origen’s Untamed Thinking
by Charles M. Stang
For Origen, our souls and bodies are simply our fiery minds in different states, and our goal is transformation.
The Secular Religion of Plotinus by Margaret R. Miles
Plotinus focused on embodied life and envisioned an intricate, complex, interconnected universe.
Zhu Xi’s Breakthrough by Stephen C. Angle
Zhu Xi proposed that each of us must cultivate “reverential attention” so that together we might create more harmonious communities.
The Advice of Mencius by Jin Li
The central focus of Mencius’s thinking was how to let our goodness blossom and how to prevent ourselves from falling prey to immorality.


The Politics of Preaching by Matthew L. Potts
To tell a congregation the truth, to condemn our world while admitting that we cannot see our way clear of it, is a political and prophetic act.
Teffi, Rasputin, and the Revolution by Randy Rosenthal
Teffi’s writings and the story of Rasputin illuminate the role of belief and rumor in the fall of the Romanovs.
‘Every Little Pine Needle’ by Richard Higgins
Thoreau had a deeply religious cast of mind, but he experienced revelation in nature, and trees were his guides.
Can the Women Do Something? by Leymah Gbowee
An inspiring call to action from the Nobel laureate who brought women together across religious, ethnic, and political differences to restore peace in Liberia.
‘They Needed to be Heard’
Text, quotes, and images from an exhibit that breathes new life into ancient ocarinas, clay instruments which played a significant role in the Mesoamerican world.

In Review

Where Silence Lives by Timothy L. Gallati
The documentary In Pursuit of Silence creates a space for a long overdue conversation about the nuanced subject of silence.
Syllabus: Buddhist Ethics.
A selected reading list from Charles Hallisey’s course.
Facing the Fierce Land of I by Eliza Griswold
Gandhi’s translation of a verse from the Bhagavad Gita invites and commands us to return to what’s essential before taking action.
‘Restitching’ America under Trumpism by Robert Israel
A Q&A with E. J. Dionne, Jr., on the book he co-authored with Norman J. Ornstein and Thomas E. Mann, One Nation After Trump.
Challenging Binaries, Crossing Boundaries by Ousmane Kane
A review of four books on Islamic reform in contemporary Africa.


Modes of Travel  by Callie Siskel
At Prayer by Yehoshua November

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