Autumn 2005 issue cover

Autumn 2005


Pleasure Principles

Discussion of recent sex crises in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches is frozen by journalistic polarization. A look back at Gregory of Nyssa, and Freud, might help. By Sarah Coakley

From Theologian To Pope

As Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he was portrayed to the public primarily in bumper sticker clichés. One of his former students takes a more nuanced look. By Francis Schüssler Fiorenza

Islam’s Long War Within

The West may just be noticing it, but conflict over a “reformation” has actually been raging in the Muslim world for more than a century and a half. At stake is the faith itself.
By Reza Aslan

Buddhist Studies The Buddhist Way

Scholars of religion should do a better job of contemplating Buddhism with an eye to theoretical axioms that exist in the tradition’s classic texts themselves. By J. C. Cleary

Judaist Israel, Islamist Palestine

The ability of the United States to function as mediator in the Holy Land may require a new American attention to religion. By Jack Miles

Darfur’s Unfinished Story

How did a little-known, and largely ignored, region in western Sudan become the site of such horrific suffering? The answers do not come easily. By Chris Herlinger


Darwin’s Pope?

Has “intelligent design” found a clear-cut friend in Pope Benedict XVI? By Kenneth R. Miller

Amid the Clouds of Unknowing

Judging the love of God. By Todd Shy

Public Decisions, Personal Crisis

A Massachusetts legislator’s quandary on same-sex marriage. By Marian Walsh

‘Out’ Inside the Beltway

The outing of liberal Christians in the wards of American politics. By Amy Sullivan

Differing without Demonizing

Red and blue, or why not purple? By Jon Meacham

In Review


A Mission to China Debriefed

Eric Reinders’s Borrowed Gods and Foreign Bodies: Christian Missionaries Imagine Chinese Religion. By Patrick Provost-Smith

Required Reading

The Politics of Memory

Archaeologies of the Greek Past by Susan Alcock and Martyrdom and Memory by Elizabeth Castelli. By Laura Nasrallah


Sacred Space Bridging South to North

An interview with Wallace Best. By Wendy McDowell


Hollywood’s Take on the Crusades

Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven. By Harvey Cox

Shelf Life

Keys to the Interior Kingdom

C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. By Stephanie Paulsell


Ladyslipper, Red Eft

By Adrie Kusserow

Theory of Multiplicity

By Mark Doty

Three Poems

Them Again

Night Lights, Providence Amtrak Station

Cab Ride Downtown

By W. S. Di Piero


Resolution Where There May Never Be

The writers and artists included in this issue approach their difficult subjects with calm, open determination, with the attitude that creative thinking can still be applied even to those human situations that allow virtually no hope. By Will Joyner

A Look Back

Public Leadership and Civic Renewal

An excerpt from an address Peter Jennings presented at HDS in 1995.


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