Detail of Power and People painting by Ahmad Moualla

© Ahmad Moualla. Courtesy Atassi Foundation.

Detail of Ahmad Moualla’s visually symphonic, twelve-meter-long painting People and Power, oil on canvas, 2011.

This work can be viewed in the new exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Syrian Symphony: New Compositions in Sight and Sound. An immersive and interactive response from artists to the current situation in Syria, the exhibit runs from May 20, 2017, until August 13, 2017. Music, painting, and media arts by some of Syria’s leading artists and musicians provide a multisensory experience to visitors that speaks of the struggle to protect Syria’s cultural heritage and of the determination to rebuild.

“In times of conflict or crisis, artists are implicated as our conscience,” says curator Amirali Alibhai, head of performing arts for the Aga Khan Museum. “They help us deal with loss, hope, and empathy. They express our humanity.”

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